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The Data Science at Scale Team makes a number of datasets available via Globus Connect. Globus Connect is a reliable, high-performance file transfer platform allowing users to transfer large amounts of data seamlessly between systems. It aims to make transfers a “click-and-forget” process by setting up configuration details in the background and automating fault recovery. Globus Connect is free to install and use for users at non-profit research and education institutions.

Globus Connect is available in two endpoint flavors: Globus Connect Personal is designed for use by a single user on a personal machine; Globus Connect Server is designed to be installed by a system administrator on multi-user computing and storage resources. If your site provider already has Globus Connect Server available, use that. Otherwise, following the easy instructions at Globus Connect Personal to install your own personal endpoint. Note: While Globus Connect Personal is built to run from within most firewalls LANL’s firewall requires users on its Yellow or OCE networks to authenticate to in order to open certain outbound ports used by Globus Connect Personal.

The datasets are shared from a Globus Connect Server endpoint at this link.

More on how Globus works can be found on the Globus “How It Works” page.